COVID19 How are you Feeling?

With media reports of community spread of the COVID-19 virus hitting many countries outside of China, anecdotal evidence points to a change in sentiment in the United States and Canada. News reports, social media posts, the stock market, price volatility on basic items such as hand sanitizer, are all mirrors to the growing change in sentiment.

But I would like to gauge this change in sentiment based on some basic quantitative analysis.  How are you feeling? 

Take the mini survey below and I will share the results with you once I have gathered enough data. The questionnaire is open to any person from any country.

Remember that personal individual data is not identifiable and will not be shared.  I will only share aggregate results.

I appreciate your time. Please share with friends so we can see how people are feeling about this global crisis.

Reblog or share this article on social media so we can gain insight into how people are feeling about the COVID-19 virus.

12 Replies to “COVID19 How are you Feeling?”

      1. Thanks Jim! I’m probably staying on top of it too much. 😆 Though the vibe is changing here now that we’ve had some cases and the US has had more cases and deaths.

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      2. Looks like the numbers are going to explode. Based on what the experts are saying, there has been community spread for the last 6 weeks, but how would anyone know when they are not testing much. And testing protocols are based singularly on travel. That’s true here in Canada too. You can’t know if you don’t test.

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